Hair Loss Treatments


We can help hair loss.

The provider will determine the cause of hair loss. If there is an underlying medical condition like iron deficiency or thyroid issue, addressing those issues should stop the hair loss. 

We can treat male pattern baldness with topical medications and/or oral medications.

PRP treatments also available.

We also use platelet rich plasma (PRP) to enhance scalp coverage, grow hair, and increase density. 

PRP is noted for its concentrated healing factors. PRP utilizes your body’s ability to heal and regenerate to encourage hair growth at a cellular level. Growth factors present in PRP are a safe and natural option for hair restoration. 

We draw your blood in the office then use a machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood.  

Then the PRP is either injected or micro-needled into the scalp. This depends on what will give you the best results.  A consultation is needed to determine. 

Micro-needling uses a device to create microscopic injuries and invisible puncture holes in the top layer of the skin, Micro-needling dramatically increases the effectiveness of topical agents like PRP. 

Platelet Rich Plasma